evo’s legacy … as he continues to destroy Bolivia!

This cartoon [10/05/2016] is from El Diario:

Bolivia led by the current president, is dangerously approaching the cliff, anarchy rules and everyone pushes to their own preferred way …


The coca grower’s caudillo legacy can be summarized in the above cartoon …

He managed to make Bolivians fight among each other. He sowed discord among rural vs urban, poor vs rich, highlanders vs lowlanders, mestizo vs indigenous, name it, he destroyed the sense of nationality.

He sowed hatred, envy among all of us, while at it, he wasted over $150 billion dollars, the best economic times of our history under the worst possible government!

Over 600 Bolivians had to flee te country out of political persecution.

News over the last ten years show entire rural towns immersed in narcotrafficking.

Corruption blooms and smuggling sprouts as it never did before!

Before him, there were 673 workers under the State, now there are 9,975, ochlocracy and cheap demagogue rules our poor Bolivia!


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