Daily Archives: October 24, 2016

Bolivian government just does something when it is questioned … WTH?!

El Diario reports:

Comibol will verify gold mining by Chinese companies


A  group of inspectors will travel to the Illimani in order to determine whether there are Chinese citizens dedicated to the exploitation of gold and other minerals, clandestinely.

The president of the Mining Corporation of Bolivia (Comibol), Marcelino Quispe, said that in recent days knew information in the sense that several companies from Asia would be exploiting and commercializing metals and minerals in the snowy mountain.

“I have a report showing that more than 20 Chinese companies would be extracting gold from our country, 20 companies that would not be legally incorporated in the country,” said opposition lawmaker Norma Pierola.


This petty ochlocratic government has given too many handouts to the Chinese!

CAMC’s influence peddling is still pending … now this?!

China’s government is one of the worst worldwide by damaging the environment. Here they do as they please, while the petty Bolivian government receives billionaire loan, Chinese people come to Bolivia and pollute, treat badly Bolivian workers and there is NO one who can remediate this …

The coca grower caudillo controls ALL State powers and when questioned he rebuttles with the stupid excuse that doing otherwise would destroy the State?! … he clearly knows NOTHING about democracy!