Daily Archives: October 20, 2016

A nightmare called evo …

This cartoon is from El Diario, 10/12/2016:


It reflects what we Bolivians had to endure for the last eleven years, under the worst possible populist ochlocrat.

Stopping on democracy this relentless coca grower leader wants to remain in power. He changed the Constitution so he could remain in power, despite his first declaration that he was going to comply his term … illegitimally he run three more times, is it because of fear to trials due to the multitude of corruption cases? or because the humongous amounts of dollars he wasted to please his egocentrism?

This is from Pagina Siete, 10/13/2016:


It shows their false statement that the Bolivian economy is shielded against the economic downturn that the whole world is experiencing… and the cruel reality.

After eleven years in government with total control of all State powers, this subject managed to waste $150 billion dollars, the best economic times ever in the history of our Republic, under the worst incompetent government structure ever!