Drought causes huge losses in several regions

ANF reports in El Deber:

Drought causes huge losses in several regions

In the country, 132,000 families suffer the consequences of the lack of liquid.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 8.01.41 AM

Rodent invasion, death of animals, thousands of hectares of grassland burned, lack of water for human and animal consumption and irrigation; affected agricultural and livestock production; environmental pollution and health risks are some of the results of the worst drought in 25 years lived in Bolivia.

Given this critical situation, the Ministry of Defence has announced the displacement of more troops to areas where fires are recorded. Initially they will go to the departments of Cochabamba and Beni to mitigate the heat sources in several of its regions.

Deputy Minister of Civil Defense, Oscar Cabrera, said Oruro and Cochabamba are the most affected municipalities, including 131 that were declared under emergency for the drought, directly affecting 132,000 families.

An amount of 206,859 hectares affected and thousands of animals in the country are at risk of dying due to lack of water, food and fodder, was reported.

Also, for the moment, they are 277,000 livestock dead, prompting President Evo Morales to declare the opening of beef exports.

But the disaster also reaches those without water for human consumption. suburban neighborhoods of Potosi, Oruro and Cochabamba have no water for almost a month.


The populist regime of the coca grower leader continues to fail to give proper sustainable solutions!

It is just demagogue of the ochlocratic worst government ever, they have wasted over $150 billion dollars in expensive goods for the leisure of th president, but largely fail to provide solutions.

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