Daily Archives: August 17, 2016

662,000 tons in drought losses

Miguel Angel Roca reports for El Deber:

662,000 tons in drought losses

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.33.43 AM

The figure corresponds to the effects registered in some crops in the eastern part of the department [Santa Cruz]. In resources it implies a loss of approximately $182 million dollars.

So far 662,000 tons have suffered loss of performance in different crops in the eastern department of Santa Cruz as a result of the severe drought that is affecting the country. This was confirmed by Luis Alberto Alpire, Secretary of Productive Development of the Government of Santa Cruz.

“That means in resources $182 million dollars. The situation is too severe, drought is in full swing, I believe that the national government should give an appropriate response to such a crisis,” Alpire said.

Debt with vendors

The Secretary of the Governorate said that the Minister of Rural Development, César Cocarico, at the last meeting opened a small hope of creating working groups to make decisions based on the problem of debt with commercial suppliers.

“There is not a solution regarding the $462 million dollars debt that are owed to commercial houses and industry, but besides that, an operating capital of $700 million dollars is required to activate the sowing summer season that starts in October”, he said.