Bolivian government continues to damage national production

El Deber reports through

Anapo see that the quota for export is low

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.23.35 PMEL DEBER.- The quota of 100,000 tons of soybean authorized by the Government to be exported does not represent not even 4% of the oleaginous production, said Reinaldo Diaz, president of the Association of Oilseed and Wheat Producers (ANAPO).

“The measure is good but not enough. We believe that the structural and substantive solution is that the export restrictions are to be lifted, to create an atmosphere of greater balance and equity between producers and industry,” said Diaz.

Soybean farmers live a delicate time because of the low price ($230 dollars) paid per ton of the oil.

Over the past 15 days, the worth of a ton of soybeans rebounded internationally at around $30 dollars, but this has not been reflected in the local market.

If the producer is allowed to export their grain, a price of opportunity of about $270 dollars per ton of soybeans would be established, said the Anapo head.

Contacts for help
Producers have explained, with studies, their problems to ministers Carlos Romero and Reymi Ferreira, so that they can be reported to President Evo Morales and he collaborates with the industry.

Priorities are clear for the ruling ochlocracy: hundreds of soccer fields with plastic grass all over the nation ,,, versus real needs like this one that is not addressed…

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