Pope Francis meets with President of Bolivia

The Vatican Radio reports:


(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday received the President of Bolivia, Juan Evo Morales Ayma, who subsequently met with Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, the Secretary for Relations with States.
A statement from the Holy See Press Office said:
“During the discussions, which took place in a cordial atmosphere, various themes were considered regarding the current socio-economic situation of the Country, with special attention to social policy. The parties focused on the relations between Church and State, evoking Bolivia’s long Christian tradition and the decisive contribution of the Church to the life of the Nation. Reference was also made to questions of common interest, such as education, healthcare and assistance to the poor. Attention then turned to various international situations.”
President Morales came to Rome to attend a conference sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences marking the 25th anniversary of Pope St. John Paul II’s social encyclical “Centesimus Annus.”


The world needs to know: this person, the coca grower who publicly said he is first leader of the coca growers of the Chapare, and secondly president of Bolivia.

So, this person has his priorities set. Coca from the Chapare goes mainly for cocaine production. He is facing corruption allegations and that is the main reason he engaged in this brouhaha.

He also declared he is a polytheist, and he also attacks the Catholic Church whenever he wants to distract the public from the corruption claims and his lack of governance. I am embarrassed and feel sorry for the Pope to have to put up with this egocentric maniac.

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