Will the group “socialism of the 21st century” survive?

Latin America experienced an economic boom on its commodities’ exports… unfortunately it came with a bunch of demagogue populists that seized the power.

They showed themselves as the saviors, the only “solution” against capitalism. They changed their country’s constitution and perpetuated themselves in power by controlling all powers within their states.

However, things started to change and this year Argentina removed the populist, the Brazilian president is under heavy scrutiny and may be impeached. Venezuela’s opposition won two thirds of congress. And Bolivia is about to say NO to the delusions of grandeur of the coca-grower-leader.

This cartoon shows the end of wastefulness, and Venezuela and Bolivia’s current presidents wonder what they do wrong!?

In our case: wasted $150 billion dollars, allowed the uncontrolled expansion of narcotrafficking, anarchy, lack of property ownership enforcement, smuggling and political persecution.

So, El Deber’s cartoon summarizes well:



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