Bolivian Foundations offer panettone, cards and raffles for 2015 Christmas!

Leyla Mendieta reports for El Dia:

Campaigns on Christmas season

Foundations offer panettone, cards and raffles

Solidarity. The main reasons for organizing these activities are raising funds for the payment of the 2nd christmas bonus [demagogue offer of ruling political party, just to keep in power] and to sustain these centers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.09.09 AMDown Syndrome Foundation (Fusindo), Don Bosco shelter and the SOS Villages, nonprofit organizations launched campaigns for Christmas time. The main aims are similar in all three cases: gather the necessary financial resources to cover the payment of the second christmas bonus and the upkeep of these centers that support vulnerable sectors of the population.

Fair, Christmas dinner and raffle at Don Bosco. Home Don Bosco organized three activities in one day, Saturday 28 at its project facilities (Av. Centenario, between 2nd and 3rd ring) will be a fair, Christmas dinner and raffle. One of the drivers, Father Mario Candia, said that in the exhibition at 10:00 will start with the youth center presenting their technical works, at 16:00 will be a raffle and a dinner from 18:00. Candia explained that the resources collected from the raffle will go to cover the project, “Bread for little hands” which delivered 3,000 units daily at 16 centers. “A month is 70,000 loaves. The raffle will be used to support the budget of the ingredients for the bakery Sweet Home, which belongs to that center and specializes in typical German products,” he said. Tickets (cost Bs5) are already available in their downtown offices. The main prize is a German mower, further references to 773-66516.

Fusindo aims to sell 5,000 panettone. Fusindo, which currently serves 167 children with Down syndrome, plans to sell 5,000 panettone, the cost is Bs20 and are made on order. The founding president of the institution, Vilma Sanchez, said that the aim is to collect funds for the payment of the second christmas bonus of 32 employees from the center. In developing these products two youngsters that are studying in the center also participate. The first order of 300 panettone was ordered yesterday [11/25/2015]. References by calling 343-7333. “This is a non-profit foundation and what their parents bring is not even enough for three or four months, then we have to do a lot of fundraising activities,” she said.

Cards to help children. The SOS Villages made available 20 card designs to raise funds for the more than 2,000 children attending different projects in the department [Santa Cruz,this organization works also in other Bolivian cities]. The head of communications, Paura Rodriguez, said that there are 10 cards for Bs35 and also have more than 13 products for sale. She stressed that the proceeds will be to ensure food, education and shelter for minors. The main program that runs this center is to foster care, in which 120 children participate, also include supporting 20 families SOS (surrogate) in Santa Cruz.–panetones,-tarjetas-y-rifas&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=186071

What these organizations do in Bolivia is highly commendable and badly needed! Special thanks to all of them that help our society.

What is infuriating is that these organizations and some small private companies and companies with cash flow issues have been forced to pay a second Christmas bonus by current ochlocracy in power!

Just because of the need of the coca grower to remain in power, and because he is one of the populist demagogues in Latin America, these type of bonuses are issued to misled population. This second bonus is not even given to all Bolivian population. It is well known that Bolivian workforce is mainly informal, thus they do not receive even the first Christmas bonus.

This government is asking openly to public servants to pay a percentage of their monthly salaries to cover for the campaign that aims at allowing this “dictator” to remain in power forever… so, this bonus is a way to “ease” their party members to contribute for the campaign…

Argentina has elected a different route, dismissing the pernicious politicians that belong to the infamous socialism of the 21st century… Bolivia needs to do the same!

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