Some Bolivians do not want to pay taxes!

ANF reports for Pagina Siete:

Union asks for a “forgiveness” [“perdonazo”] of tax liabilities and tax code changes

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.02.03 AMThe union [grocery sellers] leadership says that they have a debt of up to Bs10 million bebt in taxes, that is difficult to pay not even by selling their house and other assets.

The Confederation of “retail” [gremiales ] Workers of Bolivia asked the Senate to amend the Tax Code and apply a “forgivenes” [perdonazo] or amnesty to the “millionaire” debts that their affiliates have with the National Tax Service (SIN).

The order comes after the chairman of the Planning Commission of the Senate, René Joaquino, were holding a meeting with the leader of the union, Francisco Figueroa, and other affiliates that exposed the tax situation they are facing. According to Figueroa, there are unions that have a debt of up to Bs10 million with the INS, which, he says, could not pay either by selling their house and other assets.

“We’re looking forward to a forgiveness [perdonazo] or amnesty for the sector,” said the leader. There are about 2,600 people who are affected by these fines issued for not giving legal invoices or not to belong to the appropriate tax regime, said Figueroa, who presented Monday to the Senate committee, supporting documentation regarding these cases.

The chairman of the Planning Commission, René Joaquino said that although the union was received in audience, like any other sector of the population, it does not mean that the Tax Code is amended as demand it. “It is not easy to meet this demand,” said Joaquino in time to point out that it is not on the agenda to change the Tax Code.

Most of the products this “union” sells are from illegal smuggling. Most people tends to buy from them. These sellers throw at least one are party per year, where heavily drinking takes place for a while week. Some of the “cholets” [folkloric type luxurious buildings] that sprouted in El Alto city expose the wealth of this “suffered” individuals…

These groups are good to complain,to demand while they do not pay taxes… it is an outrageous practice that has to end!

That is the reality. and as a large union, they have the force to put up blockades, cause riots, speculate with pricing and food… like the ones who control public transport… this is a reality and anarchy that keeps drowning us down… under current government, these type of situations have grown out of proportion.

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