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Bolivian rice farmers are in emergency

ANF reports in Pagina Siete:

Drop in prices

Rice farmers are in emergency

There are more than 300,000 tons harvested this year and 100,000 in deposits.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.57.40 AMThe small rice farmers of the department of Santa Cruz have expressed concern that the price of food continues to decline. Since May, the kilo of rice sold between four to seven Bolivians, whereas before it had a cost ranging between six and nine Bolivians.

Faced with this fact, the National Federation of Rice Producers, announced in Radio Santa Cruz that more than 300,000 tons will be harvested this year and there are 100,000 tons in deposits.

The rice producers, also, denounced that the product continues to enter smuggled from neighboring countries such as Argentina and Brazil, which would be damaging to them and causing oversupply in the domestic market.

“I started to harvest, (sell) wholesale (but) they want to buy cheap. Therefore I have to sell for kilo, per arroba [11.5kg],” said Juan Carlos Balcazar, a small producer that for the last five years, sowed the product in an area of five hectares. He also added that this job is a “sacrifice (because) the harvest is manual”.

The rice sector envisions large losses for this year. The decline in the price of rice mainly affects small producers, who in addition to harvest by hand, are in need of wandering the streets trying to sell their product.


Immediate question is: what is this government doing about it? … nothing! smuggling in so many products has increased ever since the coca grower assumed the presidency… quotas on agricultural exports are maintained under the obtuse view of this ochlocracy.