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Spain sends four of every 10 dollars in remittances to Bolivia

El Diario reports:

Spain sends four of every 10 dollars in remittances to the country

imageThe Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) reported that family remittances received from abroad, from January to August, grew by 1.2%, compared to the similar period of 2014, representing an amount of $767 million dollars.
Only in August remittances totaled $97.3 million dollars, than in the similar period of last year.
Remittances to the country came mainly from Spain with 40.9%, region that continues to be the main supplier despite the European crisis; followed by the United States with 16.1%; Argentina, 10.1%; Brazil, 9.9%; and Chile with 5.6 percent among the top.
By destination, the main cities benefited with remittances are Santa Cruz (41%), Cochabamba (31.1%) and La Paz (16.1%).