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Some effects of oil at 50 dollars per barrel

Carlos Miranda writes in Pagina Siete, excerpts follow:

Some effects of oil at 50 dollars per barrel

Carlos Miranda“We must not forget that in 2014 the transnational oil companies demanding a higher price on top of 100 dollars/barrel to continue exploring in search of larger reserves, arguing that the costs of operation and taxes had gone up too. This position was publicly exposed in the seventh Congress International Bolivia Gas & Energy 2014, held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.”


No wonder the ochlocracy had offered a million dollars to the Financial Tines to set up a meeting in search for investors…. the ochlocrat will spend his birthday in the country he is always badmouthing at a minimum expense of over $470,000.00 as stated officially…

After what had happened with Jacob Ostreicher, who in their sane mind would come to deal with this government!?