Bolivian Glaciers destroyed by climate change!

El Diario reports:

Glaciers destroyed by climate change

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.28.33 AMIllimani, Sajama, Chacaltaya, San Enrique, Picachu Kasiri, Chiar Kherini, Zongo, Lengua Quebrada, María Lloco, Wila Llojera are Andean glaciers found in an open stage towards disappearing due to climate change.

According to a study by the Bolivian Mountain Institute (IBM), over the past 30 years, these snowcapped are in the process of thawing.

The scientist, Humberto Gomes of the Friends of Nature Foundation (FAN) said that in the last half century, Bolivia accused half a degree Celsius increase in temperature. This situation affects more to the rural villages of the Altiplano and the Amazon.

“There is not much hope for Bolivian glaciers if warming continues until going away,” said Alicia Mier, a member of IBM.

In the world there are several institutions that conduct studies on climate change and its consequences; one of them is IBM, in recent times developed a work about the Bolivian glaciers of the Cordillera Real in the department of La Paz.

In this context, the first half of next month [December 2014], Lima-Peru, will host the Nations Climate Conference (COP 20) of this year, event where environmental experts and civil society organizations from different countries will make their word be heard about regional reality in relation to climate change.

The environmentalist Edwin Alvarado, explained that in Bolivia the first glacier that felt the most striking effect is Chacaltaya, however clarified that in terms of production an assessment should be made on a short and long-term basis.

He said that in slopes of Mount Illimani, while melting glaciers are retreating,  now have moisture so that producers have increased productivity, hence major crops of barley, corn, among others.

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