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Found: A circular pyramid in Bolivia’s Amazon

EFE reports in Pagina Siete:

It was found in Mairana, SANTA CRUZ

A circular pyramid in Bolivia’s Amazon

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 9.39.08 AMA circular pyramid of three levels, with a base diameter of 180 meters and a height of about 14 meters, was found in the Bolivian Amazon, the archaeologist Danilo Drakic, coordinator of the research team reported.

Drakic, archaeologist of the Governor’s Office of the Department of Santa Cruz, in whose jurisdiction the pyramid is, said that a team of six researchers in recent weeks made a topographical survey in place, after discovering evidence of the existence of the structure, to date the only one in Bolivia.

The expert explained that his experience in Mexico, where he trained as an archaeologist, was able to recognize the appearance of circular pyramid of three bodies in the Amazon region, near the village of Mairana, 130 kilometers west of the city of Santa Cruz.

“There is a pyramid made of stone. It is a small hill that was lowered and worked with retaining walls to be staggered in a circular pyramid. This type of construction systems can be seen in Central America and Peru,” he said.

According to the researcher, the structure was built by Amazonian cultures 2,000 or 2,500 years old, using a parameter that has been applied to similar structures discovered in Peru and Mexico. This research is part of a project of the Government of Santa Cruz to identify archaeological sites in the region.