Transportation and illegal logging increases the carbon footprint in Bolivia

Miguel Roca reports for El Deber:

Transport and illegal logging increases the carbon footprint in Bolivia

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.14.03 PMThe vehicle fleet and the expansion of the agricultural frontier, among others, increase the emission of greenhouse gases that create the footprint carbono.Valeria Revilla, technical manager of Environmental Services Bolivia, reported that the per capita carbon footprint generated Bolivia does not represent even 1% compared to the emissions that occur in developed countries. [video: to watch, please go to the original doc, use the link below]

The carbon footprint represents the total amount of emissions of greenhouse gases generated by an institution or a country in a year and is the main cause of climate change, said Revilla.

This is a problem that concerns the whole of humanity and is a global concern and are therefore TNCs are plotted as a primary objective the reduction of these emissions levels. In Bolivia and emulate these examples.

Bolivia and carbon footprint

According to specialists in Bolivia environment, there are two main factors that contribute to the creation of the carbon footprint and thus contribute to climate change: the growth of the vehicle fleet and the illegal and excessive logging.

Revilla believes Bolivia risks repeating the mistakes made by developed countries if they do not take conscious and sustainable progress oriented, guided by generating the least amount of carbon footprint growth is planned.

Currently, the department of La Paz is the one that generates most carbon dioxide, generated 427 million tons, Revilla said.

These statements were expressed in the Seminary environmen made Friday [11/07/2014] by Los Andes ProCredit Bank. On the occasion, the bank said the achievements made by their campaign of environmental management has added to its social responsibility policy.

Five tips for reducing the emission of carbon footprint

1. Reduce the number of airplane flights. The plane is one of the transports that generate more emissions.

2. Use public transport or bike.

3. If you change your car, choose one that has a higher performance and generating fewer emissions.

4. Use air conditioning efficiently. Each degree of temperature has to help the environment.

5. Use less paper. The paper industry is the third largest greenhouse gas emitter.

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