Potosi and its 204 years of independence!

Pagina Siete reports about Potosi and I just included excerpts from it. I wanted to be known that yesterday was an important day in our independence:

PotosiPotosi is celebrating the 204 years of its uprising against the royal troops and  …

War for Independence began on November 10, 1810.

Emancipation movements that started La Paz and Sucre were transmitted across the continent. On October 27, the Battle of Cotagaita and on November 7 the Battle of Suipacha were fought, where Colonel Pedro Arraya and Argentine auxiliary army commanded by Juan José Castelli defeated the royalist army.

Potosi hoybolivia 8 Dec 11Then Potosi rose against the Spanish government. On November 10, they took the square and entered the council arresting the mayor Governor Francisco de Paula Sanz. The people armed with swords and clubs, beat the royalist forces covering the four corners of the square and entered the building of the Interior. They were content with putting the prisoner governor in his house under guard and three days after an escape attempt, he was transferred to the Mint House.

Casa de la Moneda 2

Deposed the Realist authorities, the Local Government Board was organized. Days later, came to the region Juan José Castelli as a representative of the separatist authorities and on December 14, 1810, at the headquarters of the city, were tried and sentenced the former authorities for high treason, usurpation and public nuisance to armed violence and to suffer the death penalty.


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