Is there Freedom of the Press in Bolivia?

From El Diario:

Amnesty International in its report 2012, denounces:

Disproportionate action against freedom of the press

El DiarioOn-site investigation reveals the Government restrictions against private media, points out the trials of three, including EL DIARIO. Mentions abuse of Justice to persecute political opponents.

The world organization with its headquarters in London, England, Amnesty International has expressed concern over the disproportionate constraints exercised by the Government of President Evo Morales, against private media, to point out that three media face court for spreading, allegedly, complaints incitements to racism and discrimination.

The global organization that has carried out an investigation in situ, on different subjects related to the violence promoted from spheres of Government, as well as, violent acts in which violations of human rights and the judicialisation of politics, became concrete mechanisms for the exercise of the vertical power features during 2012.

With reference to freedom of expression, Amnesty International, carried out an analysis of the facts that determined the judicial proceedings against the three media, including El Diario, expressed concern by disproportionate restrictions on the exercise of those rights, in addition to emphasizing the attack suffered by journalist Fernando Vidal, who was seriously injured when four masked men set him on fire when he was broadcasting his radio program in the town of Yacuiba.

This Organization presented its report for the year 2012, of a research conducted in 159 countries around the world, with a specific section that makes relationship to Bolivia, and in which, says that “received allegations of misuse of the judiciary against people who were opposed to the Government or critical of it”, in addition that the delays in the administration of Justice “led to impunity”.

Amnesty International is also concerned about the lack of transparency and the unfair nature of the repair process to victims and relatives of victims of human rights violations, as of 6,200 applicants, only 1,700 met requirements to be beneficiary. These people are still protesting in tents set against the Ministry of Justice.

With reference to the Pando massacre, that agency points out that they continued, albeit with delays, proceedings relating to the massacre of Pando of 2008, which killed 19 people, mostly peasants, and injured other 53. They also investigated prosecuted, terrorism I, Tipnis cases and other issues.

• In Bolivia, justice was used to pursue opponents

For the full Amnesty report please click here.

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