Is Bolivia under a democratically medieval condition? Unfortunately yes!

Renzo Abruzzese writes for El Deber:

Democratically medieval

Renzo AbruzzeseThe approval of the political Constitution of the State in effect was undoubtedly the most rugged process of national history. Written by procedures that seemed more product of a medieval drama, ended in a passing Act which did not part even of the consciousness of its constituents, not to mention its inspection in the dark confines of an Office of the Vice President by a handful of masistas [MAS political party affiliates]. Public opinion did not hesitate a minute to label as a ‘fake’. As it was like, was finally approved. Any political move throughout the entire colony and the Republic is insignificant against this ruling.

The election of the members of the judiciary is part of another shameful episode. All citizens were forced to vote using the lists of prosecutors and judges that the governing party had been prepared. The interviews of the future operators of Justice caused embarrassment. Eventually won the invalid ballots, the Electoral Court decided that those votes did not count. There were prosecutors who made the post with less than 1% of public approval. Just around the corner, it turned out that the judges and prosecutors of the movement toward socialism [MAS] formed bands of extortion. They were sworn-in office and hence they are jailing opponents.

In an effusive speech, President Evo Morales confirmed that he could not be a candidate for a third term. In the following days, in an infinite number of declarations, the Government ratified that Morales was in his second term, and therefore could not be re-elected again. Today proved that this was not true. It will be a candidate and will govern.

If you look at the sequence of the gross deception and tricks that Government employs to do whatever they want, you end up thinking if this is a medieval nightmare. It is the rule of the transgression and the validity of royalist and absolutist style despotism. However, what does not accept outdated tricks is the condemnation of the people and in this history is relentless. Already we get tired, and it seems that sooner rather than later the architects of ‘change’ will be held accountable to us and then we will see who is more skilled at interpreting the provision of rulings


Great analysis and recall of what is happening in our beloved country!

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