Is there any real purpose to bad-mouth the USA?

Manfredo Kempff writes for El Diario:

Keep proportions

2012-09-17 07.37.01 amThough the Government claims the new plurinational State is absolutely sovereign, which has changed the defeatist mentality of the Bolivian, which are not pawns of anybody, we want partners and not patrons, Bolivia, with some not very good changes, remains the same for some years. There are, admittedly, many higher international reserves, more exports, lower fiscal deficit, but that’s not because Bolivia produces ten times more than before the arrival of his excellency [H.E.]. President to power. Does not respond to that we are on a par with Chile and Peru in growth, but because we have been favored for excellent prices, ever seen historically, in our raw materials.

Regarding the prices in international markets, that benefit us, they can change from one day to another, and then we will see that it is not that Bolivia has become an “emerging power” and that in seven years, we would have grown in production. None of this can be equated to an economic miracle, as economy Minister is ready to testify. There is no “Bolivian miracle”, unfortunately, because outside the splendid prices of our raw materials, there has been committed egregious errors with hydrocarbons policy and agricultural production which has been restricted without any justification.

Therefore, why behave like a higher power. We can not even play at lower power compared to our neighbors. We’re much less pulling rope in our relations with the United States because it is not going to go well for us. It is true that we have every right to proclaim ourselves as sovereign and that it is exciting for the people to see how Bolivia can put on “their site” to the Americans. Throw out of the country a gringo Ambassador is not thing of poor devils. To accuse the Yankees of been imperialists in any meeting that happens, because it gives a sense of morbid pleasure, to annoy the greatest, and see how this one narrows down, always flatters.

But we must keep the proportions. We must walk with caution. It is understandable to hope if the plurinational State has already taken some tastes by pulling the glove to the face to the first power of the world. But now it would be better to see diplomatic relations’ normalization with an exchange of ambassadors. And if we don’t want to make the exchange of ambassadors, we carry at least a prudent and consistent policy, if we do not want to be cordial.

Nothing we will win by been hostile with the Yankees, other than the applause of the chavistas, the ALBA, Iran or Syria. But what will those Nations do if suddenly the pile of money shuts off, money that we are wasting today? What would happen if suddenly the flow will dry? If money would be missing even for the fuel of the presidential jet? Perhaps the first invoice to pay would come from Venezuela, because Bolivia owes lots of money. And or say what would save us if, as it seems, Chávez, who is our Patron, passed to better life or can not be responsible for the Presidency.

Let us not be the neighborhood bullies if we lack muscle. If we start to investigate what he has done, that is every American Ambassador appointed in Bolivia, no one will come. Because all their professional staff have had to go through Pinochet, Castro, Videla, Qaddafi, Somoza, Hussein, Kim Il-sung, or Chavez, possibly. Because they were Secretaries or directors of Embassy they have had to make their career where the Department of State sent them and not where they wanted to go. To investigate the past of candidates to occupy the Embassy in La Paz, as if they were common criminals, is a thing of laughter. What would happen, for example, if USA will investigate the background of all the members of the current national Government? They jump the alarms! Wow that interesting things would have to learn!

If you want to find hairs in the milk, we are going to find them. Express the Government that Americans, on one occasion, violated national sovereignty because a group of U.S. researchers went to Chacaltaya and Yungas, not for scientific purposes, but to know how to fight better in the high lands. Something intended to be applied against the Afghans. But what nonsense! Couldn’t they have done it in Peru, Chile or Argentina also? And the Minister of Government says that he can display proofs, like H.E. always says, without never showing any.

They are proposing to investigate again the “gringo” Ostreicher – in the words of H.E. – When one may think that the government was going to compensate for the economic and moral damage that it had caused him. Ostreicher, then, could return again as a criminal to Palmasola, so that they can finish finish him with a stab and thus, rinsing all the facts of corruption which have crazed and outraged H.E.

Let us make peace with the great power. Don’t follow whatever other countries nor sleepless cosmic gurus dictate us, those ominous soothsayers of the end of capitalism. Finally, we are going to stay alone, as Quixotes in the quiet silence of our vast territory.

It seems like current Bolivian government sees itself in the mirror as if they were Titans and they are simply puppets of Venezuela and Cuba…

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