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Black November… what will Bolivian politics bring for 2013??!!

Since 2003, after turmoil, social unrest we labelled those periods as “Black February” “Black October”… now Carlos Cordero writes a very significant description of current political party in the central power of Bolivia.

From Los Tiempos:

Black November

Carlos CorderoBefore November and before discovering the network of extortion around key ministries of the Government of President Morales, everything seemed favorable. After November, nothing is the same. November covered with its shadow what seemed a glittering second governmental management period to convert it into a pale reflection of what could have been.

The point is that the central pillar of the political project of the MAS, was the transformation of the State through a series of judicial reforms.

The revolution consisted in reforming the liberal, inclusive, and corrupt, legal order by one different, owned by the pluri-national State. The historical, economic and social justification for this, both for State reform, judicial reform was the final release of excruciating poverty embodied in Bolivian society. Poverty whose main cause of existence had been the undue wealth appropriation, generated by the State and by Bolivians, usurped by a political elite whose roots settled in the colony and its offshoots thriving in the present. Supporting circle was perfect: poverty, corruption, and reform of the State and the legal system as a remedy to all these evils.

This explanatory building collapsed and lifted dust that can be seen at a distance, because the instruments of Justice, which should have become the remedy to poverty and on the flag of the change process, have been debased in such a way because of the network of outdoor extortion, that no citizen trust in Government explanations. Therefore, they are wary of the process of change, the democratic cultural revolution and judicial reform. Everybody feels, in their own way, victims of judicial proceedings tainted, in the service of nonchalant and corrupt, members of the judiciary who utilized the power conferred them to benefit and to torment anyone who fell in the vicinity of its area of influence. The corruption had already penetrated to the iconic State company, YPFB. Inefficiency had become patent in several State enterprises that do not bear fruit for the benefit of the citizen, but are the expression of a rampant corruption or inefficiency state until today. Barges that never end to be build or come to the land-locked ports of the country. Generals and officers of the Bolivian police instead of fighting against drug trafficking using their positions to thrive and do even more damage to Bolivian society.

Corruption in the areas of Justice has overshadowed all the accomplishments that may have had the Government the President Morales, who aroused hope and illusion in the people and which, at the end of the day, in black November, disappointed it forever.

The author is political scientist


Current government used its stamina and our resources to build an image of a pristine government, a president who could receive a novel peace prize, someone who was the savior and the ‘almighty’ class that was incorruptible… well smoking mirrors of those who are filled with resentment, terrorists, profit from smuggling, and from growing coca leaves that go to narcotraffick… what could have expected from such group of people?

What could be worse than the above? those citizens who voted for that group of grim opportunists.