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Bolivia has a virtual food court!

Tatiana Sanabria reports for Pagina Siete:

Company created a virtual food court

INNOVATION. Santa Cruz businessman Walter Méndez gathered 20 fast food firms to offer interactive menus through his website: www.acomer.com.bo.

2013-01-16 11.01.10 amYour meal choice just a click away. That is the proposal of Acomer, the first virtual food court in Bolivia, which offers a gastronomic tour of 20 restaurants in Santa Cruz, using an innovative system that allows to place orders using the internet.

The web portal www.acomer.com.bo is a practical and innovative service that acts as a conduit for requests and paves the way for a new technological tool that replaces your phone and invites you to browse through interactive menus, as never before seen in the country.

National and international, breakfast sandwiches, French, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, food salads, fine bakery, coffee, desserts, grilled meat and even cheeses and salami appetizers make up the vast offer of this undertaking.

“Users who have access to this service can get a huge variety of menus and restaurants benefit from great way to be able to offer their products online. We are a new sales channel, a support platform and management of your orders”, says Walter Méndez, founder and director of the Acomer company.

After a year of hard work, time in which the system was created, designed the page and attracted followers, first orders were made in November 2012.

And although at the moment the service is limited to the city of Santa Cruz, this year they want to replicate the experience in Cochabamba, La Paz and if there is acceptance, Sucre and Tarija.

The Colombian restaurant Tutuma Wings, Juan David Plata, owner explains that they joined this network to expand their services online and reach new customers. “Our expectations are high to participate in this food court, because we believe that the web generates lots of movement and is a new way to publicize what we offer,” he added.

From the web

Unlike ordering over the phone, when one enters the website of Acomer you have access to the full menu, as if the menu was in your hands.

In addition, companies have the option to submit their offers and discounts, by categories and with brief explanations of what it contains each meal.

2013-01-16 11.02.03 amTo order consists of four steps. Firstly, customer should locate his address in the search of streets; Secondly, you must choose the restaurant of your choice; You must then select what you want from the menu, and finally, confirm the request.

The restaurant will receive the order immediately, shall prepare and send to the indicated address. Payment is made once the customer receives his order, either at home or at the restaurant, but it is also underworks to, in the future, give the option to pay with PayPal – a payment system on line – and with credit card.

“It is a practical and direct service to the consumer. On the interactive menu can easily find what you are looking for, seeing all the options that we offer”, says Carla Tavera, owner of Ego Cafe.

Outside the website, Acomer has an account on Facebook, in which actively promotes affiliate restaurants offerings and captures new customers. To date, it has more than 2,100 followers.

For Eduardo Rojas, President of the Fundación Redes, electronic commerce is an imminent economic development trend in all countries, because “it invigorates the economies and fosters competition and transparency on prices, not only for users/consumers, but also for enterprises and service providers”.

According to the Federation of Latin American and the Caribbean for the Internet and electronic commerce, “broadband enables small and medium-sized enterprises find new customers around the world, and helps people find information, products and various services”.

However, since it is a service that still takes its first steps in the country, the greatest difficulty for the company was to find funding sources in private agencies that support this type of initiative.

“Many forget that raw inputs are not only what are produced or extracted from the Earth; raw materials are youngsters who with their ingenuity and innovation are changing the way to buy or sell, the way to browse or view things; they are very few who know and dare to take advantage of this inexhaustible raw input,” says Mendez.

This entrepreneur perseveres in his mission to revolutionize the way of doing business, to reach more entrepreneurs and users who believe that electronic commerce has many more options that offer.


I wish ALL of them success… and bon appetite!!