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Elections in Beni

Carlos Cordero analyzes the elections in Beni; elections that are a result of the political pressure from current national government…

From El Deber:

Elections in Beni

Carlos CorderoFinally the Amazon soap-opera about a heartless Government and the sad story of kidnapped democracy will reach the end of its first chapter. Now comes the second and definitive. With the electoral process which will take place the third Sunday of January 2013, to restore legality in the governorate of Beni, Bolivian democracy will ease, somehow its wounds and will try to leave behind the gruesome story of an announced dismissal, judicial processes that never prospered, judgments that were never started and internships of designated authorities whose best achievement was to paralyze the departmental administration. The forced removal of the legally elected Governor by popular vote in elections of April 2010, through questionable legal proceedings, although it truncated the normal performance of the democratic life of Beni, the resignation of Governor allowed the countdown of the internships and the slow recovery of democratic institutions.

Drama of Creole politics which culminates with decorum and hope in the anticipated elections, but carried out under the sign of the pressure, wasteful spending and presidential interference in regional affairs that put into question the path initiated towards the construction of the plurinational State autonomy.

The Government of President Morales would have preferred not to conduct of elections in Beni and continue with the spurious control of departmental governance to avoid a costly and overwhelming election campaign. The previous assertion test is the continuity of the internship in the Department of Tarija, where the refusal to submit resignation by the previous Governor, exiled in Paraguay, inhibits the conduct of elections, slows the re-establishment of democratic legality and allows the validity of a simple agreement of coexistence between political organizations that prefer the illegality than the electoral competition.

Regardless of who wins elections in Beni, democracy and citizens from Beni have empowered individual, free, direct and secret suffrage to recompose the truncated democracy. Universal suffrage is the totally opposite of democratic centralism, decision-making mechanism recently dusted of to explain the workings of the ruling party. With the Beni election, once again, the principles and democratic values are imposed over projects and authoritarian tendencies.


It was completely infuriating to see how the rules for a clean electoral campaign were set aside by current president and his acolytes…  prebendalism, and costly campaign by the party in power was deployed, using our taxes!