Bolivia product for export!!! “Sarai Custom Drums” from Julio Torrico (Billy Castillo Group)

This is just the proof we need to understand: Bolivia’s private sector can produce international top quality products, I welcome Julio Torrico (Billy Castillo Group) to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!

Leyla Anas writes for El Deber:

A Baute musician uses Bolivian instruments

The Bolivian music industry causes interest of specialists and exports. The drummer of the band that accompanied Carlos Baute on the Radio Disney festival, in May, and in Expocruz [Sep], José Antonio Pereira, acquired two drums of the Sarai Custom Drums brand, made in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The Spanish 43-year-old musician, dedicated to music for 23 years, in May tried a drum or ‘box’ and noted a “very concrete construction”. Then he bought one. And on his recent trip, one more, already customized with his name.

He found that “have much body, volume and that conform to the soft or strong interpretation, stand, they do not drown.” “Also I tried it in a studio and give good result when recording,” said the musician, who also works with Tamara, Nacho Cano (Mecano), Amistades Peligrosas and local figures in Spain.

For Pereira, who played the national drum, in Expocruz 2012 the quality of native wood influences sound as the “affection with which are made, it is noticeable when playing”.

Pereira maintains that Sarai parts respond to perfection when it comes in large enclosures with large equipment. “The technician does not have to do anything, just turn up the volume because the box needs no equalization.” “Their sound is big, well accompanies mass events”.

Baute’s sound engineer, Germán Gutiérrez, Venezuelan based in Madrid 15 years ago, sees in the Bolivian dream, quality and naturalness. “Pereira told me of the box, we rehearse and we were impressed,” tells.

He, who has a recording studio and constantly uses instruments and has criteria to measure the contribution of them, believes that the sound of the Sarai box is quite perfect, although it sounds exaggerated [his remark about perfection]. “You put the instrument before the microphone and sounds good without doing something strange technically.” “All the good instruments should be like this”, says.

“Everything is critical to implement this object: wood, how to place it, what hardware to use, the size it should have, which cuts, which resins.” Instruments reach this quality level when the manufacturers have experience. In the case of the boxes, which is what I tried, few instruments sound that way. “And those that do cost money,” said.

Gutierrez works with Franco de Vita, Soledad Bravo, Los amigos invisibles; in Spain, with the Union, Azúcar Moreno, Alex Ubago, Sueño de Morfeo, Ismael Serrano, Jorge Drexler, David Bisbal, Chenoa and others.

The Sarai Custom Drums company, three years old, is owned by the musician Julio Torrico (Billy Castillo Group).

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