Bolivian government spends nine million dollars in propaganda…

El Dia reports [from Erbol]:

In seven months exceeded the figure of 2011

Government spends $9 million in propaganda

Monitoring. Doble N and Publimarket are companies that show the increase in expenses.

The data offered by the companies of monitoring advertising and propaganda, Doble N and Publimarket reveal that the national Government spent, in 2011, a total of $8,330,034 dollars; while in between January and July this year, the spending rose significantly to $9,324,995, almost a million more than last year.

Both companies indicated that average monthly spending on propaganda was of $694,169 dollars for 2011, while in 2012, nearly doubled this average because it rose to $1,332,142 dollars.

ABC is the one that spends more. In accordance with the monitoring, among the State institutions that spent more on propaganda, figures first the Bolivian Roads Administrator (ABC), the amount spent of $861,059 in 2011 and in the first seven months of the present year has reached $762,347.

Research also mentions as an example the support company for the production of food (Emapa), which used $559,648 dollars in 2011 and until July 31, 2012 the amount spent was $630,605 dollars, according to data cited in the column of the political scientist Diego Ayo, published by the newspaper “Pagina Siete”.

Investment in propaganda is justified. The Minister of economy and public finances, Luis Arce Catacora, when consulted on the subject, denied to know the report, but justified the possible investment because “every time it is more necessary to inform the population”.

“Every time it is more necessary to inform the population about the works they are doing (in the Government), it is more important (but the report) do not know which (institutions) include those $9 million”, said the Minister.

Columnist concludes that “the Executive is already campaigning;” “two years and peak before the 2014 event, Mr Evo Morales and his”campaign-advocates”seem to be already underway”.


Several new spots have been seen this month

Roads. There is a spot that shows works that ABC has done in recent times on television and radio.

Tourism. Another spot is also one that indicates the investment made by the Government to encourage tourism in the country, showing the areas of interest to travel to.

TIPNIS. The consultation also has several ads that are displayed in the different media.$us-9-millones-en-propaganda&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=97814

There are certain public priorities that remain unattended while our taxes are going to an early and useless electoral campaign, and what some political analysts label as “building up a myth”… however, it can also be said the extreme urgency of governmental politicians to show ‘something is being done”… in lieu of the higher corruption rates and increasing drug trafficking within our borders, let alone anarchy with people being murdered by ‘social movements’ without trials and driving away law enforcement.

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