Bolivian presidential silences…

I have to thank Humberto Vacaflor for writing in such a clear way about last presidential speech, it is so embarrassing, at all levels, the message the world receives from the one who is in charge of our beloved country.

From El Deber:

Presidential silences by Humberto Vacaflor

Apart from the new demonstration of the difficulties with his reading, this time in the presence of their primary school teachers, as accusing them of inept, President Evo Morales did in his speech of Oruro a review of all the economic successes harvested from previous Governments.

But he forgot to mention a decisive indicator which is investment, that presents the highest degree of deficit, and, incidentally, is the only one of which he and his Government are responsible for.

He mentioned the figures of the banking portfolio – which was multiplied by three between 2005 and now -, deposits, the number of bank accounts, but, above all, mentioned the fact that IDH [hydrocarbon production related taxes, assigned to governorates and municipalities] revenues grew from $600 to $3,500 million dollars.

With a small dose of honesty, he should have thanked [previous] Governments of what they planted and left, including the creation of the IDH, as well as the production of gas sufficient for export to Brazil, with a contract signed by neo-Liberals [governments].

In the first list of indicators, perhaps he could have claimed authorship of some of them, referring to the increase in illegal revenues that overwhelm the banks.

But his greater silence was that of investments. Not referred to them, because surely he didn’t want to give figures.

Instead, he said: “I have great distrust of private investment”. This is in relation to the expulsion of Jindal Steel & Power of the country and to the advancement of State-owned enterprises in the national economy (from 18% to 34%). In this sentence, the economic policy proposed for the future is contained.

Most troubling of his speech, apart from the fact that he suggested the possibility to remain in the Presidency until 2025, was its silence on the illegal coca. He said that those [coca plantations] who are within the parks would be eliminated, but he did not sentence the surplus coca fields that are not in the parks.

Next to him was another person worried about a personal silence: the President does not want to talk about his running mate in 2014. Perhaps the unexplained presence of Jaime Paz Zamora in the ceremony can serve as a revealing factor for the future binomial.

This cartoon portrays current president’s priority. A sign of ‘on sale’ on a helicopter and him saying “I want two!” while he stands on his personal hangar with lots of flying equipment… for his personal use, which is to go around Bolivia to play soccer or inaugurations…

need say more?

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2 thoughts on “Bolivian presidential silences…

  1. With Morales coca is the main industry, my family had over 2.000 hectareas in La Asunta,a tropical area, we had some people there that planted coffee, fruits ,all that was produced was theirs,they look after the land; they have lived for over 40 years this families.
    One day coca “farmers”came aided by the police and army, burned everything , beat the families and expelled them, with the warning if they or I come we will be killed.
    Now they produce coca that everybody knows is for cocaine. Nobody is fighting to plant potatoes, the Altiplano has plenty of land,no they want protected tropical areas,the Amazons, all for coca/cocaine, This goverment expects that we pay taxes on the land they stole. We are not the only ones,nuns have been expelled,people burned in their homes all with the blessing of the President of the coca farmers : Morales.

    1. Thank you for sharing those true and saddening Bolivian reality… I remember visiting La Asunta many years ago with UNDCP officials and what you say is happening at increasing rates for the last seven years. Coca grower leaders say cocaine is not our problem and I say they are lying, I have seen Bolivian drug addicts and the effects it has over our employment force, family life and it’s devastating. We are approaching not only Colombia but we are leaning towards an “Afghanistan” where drug lords and religion distortions have taken over.

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