Bolivian garbage disposal… recycling, reusing? CBN works just fine!

This cartoon (El Dia, July, 31 2011) shows the problem we face daily in Santa Cruz, a huge tide of trash is about to cover us. How to take care (properly) the 900 tons of garbage in this city, is a recurring problem. Speaking of recycling or reusing, they are still in their primary and basic attempts. Most of the people do not know how to dispose of their garbage. People dump their trash in the street, hoping the garbage trucks will pick it. People know when those cars drive by their houses but still, they just take their garbage any time and in any way. Scavengers and dogs scatter the trash and it is unhealthy and disgusting.

I remember people in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, back in 1996, they told me it took them 200 years not to throw their garbage into their water channels… I wonder how long will it take in here? People, regardless of education or origins, just dump trash in the streets. Carlos Valverde’s web page has over 700 pictures of streets filled with garbage. Hope we change our habits and begin to take care of our beautiful city.

The following link illustrates an interesting program, a large private company, many navy soldiers and dozens of volunteers have engaged to collect bottles (plastic, glass) and cans. The foundation for recycling (Fundare) has obtained around Bs600,000 from that exercise, ($1 = Bs6.96). The Bolivian National Brewery (CBN, is the largest and most important brewery of Bolivia) has supported this great and needed activity, I hope it continues to do so nationwide. Social Corporate Responsibility is beginning to work in Bolivia. CBN is an example to follow.

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