evo’s legacy: a fragile economy, our international reserves continue to fall down!

ANF reports for El Deber:


International reserves fall by $1,354 million dollars

International reserves mean savings that support the country’s economic stability. This year has presented a decline in relation to 2017

Net international reserves (NIR) continue in sharp decline and from December 2017 to September 21 this year recorded a fall of $1,354 million dollars, according to data from the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB).

In 2017 the amount of the country’s monetary reserves totaled 10,261 million dollars, and due to the constant fall reached 8,907 million in September.

The BCB attributes the reduction of reserves to three factors: the exit of transfers abroad associated with private imports; imports from the public sector that remain dynamic due to the heavy investment; and, the depreciation of some reserve currencies other than the dollar.

The international reserves are made up of currencies with 6.972 billion dollars; Special Drawing Rights (SDR) with 235 million; gold with 1,664 million; and, position with the IMF with 36 million.

The RIN is a saving that supports the local currency and the economic stability of the country. As an indicator, it gives an account of the solvency of a State to pay its imports, constitute funds that allow to contract debt and repayment.


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