To-be-appointed Cardinal Toribio, may be friend of evo but he is NOT the official voice of the Catholic Church in Bolivia

Undeniably, Cardinal Toribio was welcomed openly and with joy, when Pope Francis determined his appointment. However, that acceptance fall short, as Father Toribio did confusing declarations regarding his opinion about evo, whom he says is his friend. Initially and rightfully so, he questioned the high cost of evo’s luxury “palace” as Bolivia is a poor country, later Father Toribio said differently.

Enough with evo’s distortion regarding Bolivian Bishops, he got accustomed to praise whomever only when they serve to his needs, he criticized and attacked Cardinal Terrazas and the CEB when he could.

The stupid ill-fragmented versions that Father Toribio is outcasted for being indigenous is nothing but a blunt out lie! These populist demagogue crooked politicians do want to confuse and manipulate Bolivian society. Catholic Church can not be racist, these leftists forget how much did the Church do for them, when military regimes were after them, and even protected evo in many circumstances. Pope Francis appointment clearly proves that there is no racism nor prejudice inside the Church,

So, it makes perfect sense that the Catholic Church clarifies this and prevents evo’s ruling party to confuse and divide our Church!

The above is the opinion of Bolivian Thoughts.

El Diario reports:

CEB is the official voice of the Church

The Episcopal Conference of Bolivia (CEB), through a public statement, clarified that the new Cardinal Toribio Ticona is not the official spokesman of the Catholic Church in our country and that the authorized voice belongs to those who make up the Permanent Episcopal Council.

“The Bolivian Episcopal Conference and its legitimately elected authorities, that is, President, Vice President, Secretary General and Permanent Episcopal Council are the official voice of the Catholic Church in Bolivia. The Cardinal is a member of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference, as Bishop Emeritus, having the right to speak, in accordance with its Statutes,” says part of the communiqué of the CEP.

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