Irusta: “An important ignorant manages Bolivian sports”

Pagina Siete reports:

Irusta: “An important ignorant manages sports”

Geovana Irusta delivers the letter to President Evo

“Since the current Minister of Sports took office, sports and athletes have been and are mistreated, ignored and despised by an important ignorant who runs without knowing anything about sport,” wrote the national former athelte walker Geovana Irusta, in a letter addressed to President Evo Morales Ayma.

The reaction of the former athlete that now resides in Argentina arose after Tito Montaño assured that the athletes that will represent the country in the 2018 South American Games are not competitive. “If we make a detail of the 620 athletes, many of them are not competitive enough to offer a possibility of competition in this event,” he said.

Irusta reacted and went further. “He is at the front, directing the sport from the State in the worst possible way, an ignorant who should have already learned …”.

She highlighted the “great work” that was done in the construction of sports infrastructure in Cochabamba, but lamented the lack of support.

“Malnourished and hungry”

“How sad to receive visitors in our luxurious home, great as beggars in rags, malnourished and hungry,” she added, in time to request an audience with the President to discuss the issues discussed above.

Ask to dismiss Montaño

She asked for the dismissal of Montaño and indicated that all the infrastructure that is counted is unusable if there are no athletes that use them.

This journal tried to communicate with Minister Montaño, but his cell phone was turned off.

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