Bolivia export loses …

El Diario reports:

For lack of foreign policy

Bolivia loses in export

• According to IBCE, the great pending chapter for the country is the competitiveness posed by globalization

The country loses ground in terms of sales and is isolated in export issues due to the absence of a foreign policy to integrate the economic blocs of the region and the world, in addition to the lack of support for the Bolivian export sector.

According to experts in foreign trade and Inter-American Bank reports and statistical data from the CAN, Bolivia loses markets for its raw materials, although it compensates with Asian markets and gold falls in sales in the United States.

The international reports suggest the lack of competitiveness in Bolivia, and therefore the country loses ground in the global and regional market, mainly with its trading partners.

The general manager of the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), Gary Rodríguez, argues that the great pending chapter for Bolivia is competitiveness, which raises globalization, which is slowly being reconfigured in economic blocks, both from less developed countries and of the most developed.

On the other hand, according to the president of the Departmental Chamber of La Paz, Carlos Jitton, exports lose ground, such as quinoa and products derived from camelids, due to Peruvian competition.

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