Bolivian Prosecutor’s office is a declared enemy of our biodiversity!

El Diario reports:

Prosecutor would not open case for illegal sale of vicuña fiber


The Environmental Forestry Police (Pofoma) denounced that the Prosecutor’s Office did not want to receive the report for the illegal sale of vicuña fiber, a species in danger of extinction.

“When we detained this person (Elena M) and we sent the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the prosecutor Pilar Díaz refused to receive the complaint, we reported this to the District Attorney and sent us to El Alto, then to the prosecutor Yenny Quispe did not want either open the process under the pretext that there was no public defense” lamented Terceros.

According to the police authority, the Pofoma policemen carried out an operation in one of the fairs in the city of El Alto where they found the alleged criminal selling 14 kilos of vicuña fiber that still contained remains of blood of the protected species and in danger of extinction.

“To achieve 14 kilos of fiber, poachers had to kill approximately 70 vicuñas,” said Terceros.

When they intercepted the woman, they arrested her and took her to the La Paz Prosecutor’s Office to start a process for the illegal sale of this material, however the prosecutor in charge simply did not want to receive the case and the representative of the Public Ministry of El Alto.

“We do not understand the way in which the authorities of the Public Ministry of La Paz and El Alto acted, now the woman is free and without any sanction against her, she can even commit a crime again, we denounce this fact because it is not possible to protect the species wild with such attitudes” expressed Terceros.

The police authority indicated that the vicuña fiber is in the custody of Pofoma and that the fact has already been reported to the authorities of the General Command and the State Attorney General’s Office for further reference.

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