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What to demand from an incoherent, mood changing president wannabe?

El Diario reports:

Relationship with Chile

Opposition: The President has no coherence

The opposition allies agreed to describe the actions of President Evo Morales as a lack of coherence, both in international relations and in the messages he broadcasts on his Twitter account.

[This cartoon is from El Diario, 9/14/2016]

“Those tweets that are issued, have to be based on what we are looking for because lately what the President is saying (spreading) is the opposite of what we want to do, there is a total incoherence and it reaches such an extreme that he has to go to apologize”, said Gonzalo Barrientos, head of the parliamentary caucus of UD.

In that sense, he asked President Evo Morales not to let himself be carried away by everyday life, but “to act like a statesman.”

“We ask this regime to be consistent, that does not get carried away by political moments and let go by the day-to-day events but act as statesmen, and to make a state action,” he added.

In that same sense, the spokesperson of National Unity (UN) said it would be good to seek better international relations, not only with Chile but with other countries, such as Peru and stop being incoherent because “one day he insults us and another day he calls us to unity,” Reyes said.

For what he believes that it is not only about respecting and calling to unity only with the maritime cause, but that attitude should be with all causes.

“We told the President, a sign of respect is not only the maritime cause but the 21F, that would be the best way to unite the country,” Reyes said.