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Bolivia continues to endure political persecution under evo!

Pagina Siete reflects political persecution under the government of evo …

Zvonko in his house

Zvonko Matkovic, one of the defendants in the terrorism case, finally left the Palmasola prison and was able to avail himself of the house arrest ordered by a court in La Paz.

Although Matkovic was released from prison, it does not imply that justice has been done in his case. On the contrary, he remains in the legal limbo where he has been for eight years, when he was imprisoned.

Accused, neither guilty nor innocent, that is the situation of Matkovic and thousands of Bolivians.

Matkovic is one of the few defendants in the terrorism case who remains in that situation, because the others obtained their freedom after pleading guilty, which represented a great relief for the Government, since they could not sustain the case amid contradictions and denials of its own prosecutor who led the investigation, who is now asylee in Brazil.

By chance, Matkovic left prison on Father’s Day and the first thing he did was to hug his little son, who became famous on social networks for asking for his father’s freedom. There is no justice, but surely there is at least a little sweetness in the house of the Matkovics.