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Chile could solve Bolivia’s enclosure with only 0.2% of its coast

Los Tiempos digital reports:

Lawyer Akhavan: Chile could solve the enclosure with only 0.2% of its coast

The Iranian jurist Payam Akhavan, who is part of the Bolivian team for the maritime claim filed in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of The Hague, today presented the general aspects of the litigation and affirmed that Chile’s commitments in more than 100 years, of granting Bolivia its own port in the Pacific Ocean, they were “solemn and binding”.

Akhavan indicated that Chile could solve the maritime confinement if it only ceded 0.2 percent of its coastline. He emphasized that the numerous exchanges in the negotiations that the two countries had to resolve the maritime dispute “give rise to an obligation”.

The expert argued that on August 5, 1975 the Organization of American States (OAS) unanimously proclaimed that the lack of coastline that affects Bolivia is a matter of continental concern to which a solution must be found.

“Chile approved the declaration of the OAS and confirmed its commitment to have the declaration of Charaña. In a diplomatic note of 1975, declared that they would be in a position to negotiate with Bolivia regarding a session of a strip of territory in the north of Arica, with a corridor of only 8 kilometers ”

Akhavan said that this proposed corridor was inconsequential for the integrity of the Chilean territory, since it only represented 0.2 percent of its coastline, but that it represented “a vital line for Bolivia.”

The jurist reviewed the commitments made by Chile for Bolivia to have sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean.

“The people of Bolivia have suffered real and continuing damage. Chile can not sweep this disagreement under the carpet,” he added.

Akhavan is a Doctor of Jurisprudence Sciences at Harvard University in the United States.