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Chile lies at The Hague! Bolivian merchandise in Chilean ports still has problems

Fides reports:

Sánchez: Bolivian merchandise in Chilean ports still has problems

The Executive Director of the Port Services Authority of Bolivia (ASPB), David Sanchez, reported that the export and import of Bolivian merchandise, continues with problems regarding the treatment with the cargo of export and import

“We reiterate again, that we have problems regarding what is the treatment of the Bolivian cargo, transport, import and export and in general to the overall economy and that is why when we hear that everything is going well in The Hague, we hope that from this court, finally the ruling will be to generate a dialogue in the best good faith that avoids criteria that one takes a unilateral decision and affect the other “; Sanchez said.

The Bolivian port official, said that the Bolivian trade until this year continued in great growth, every year increased greatly what made the port of Chile look like there are no conditions for Bolivian merchandise, so it was made known that aspect and unilaterally the private entrepreneurs who manage the Chilean ports generated an extension outside the port.

He added that Chile arbitrarily increased tariffs by 10.75 percent, without taking into account the regulations and treaties between the two countries.

LA PAZ / Fides