Daily Archives: March 1, 2018

Morgan Freeman knows nothing about evo and Bolivia! NatGeo failed big time!

From Pagina Siete has this cartoon that  says it all, the lies that not only blindfolded those people who still believe he is a leader ….

evo’s real face is unknown to Morgan Freeman, this actor along with National Geographic failed big time when they failed to capture the real egomaniac desires and wrongdoings. Morgan’s huge failure will be remembered forever.

evo has no respect for indigenous rights, he made the police attack the indigenous people of the TIPNIS when they were marching towards La Paz, at a time when evo wanted to promote the illegal expansion of coca crop [cocaine] to a National Park and Indigenous land.

evo cares very little about the environment and Mother Earth, he relentlessly want to build two dams that will seriously damage the Madidi National Park, which is considered a mega spot to the world.

For those of you that just found out about this blog, I write his name in lower case as I believe he doesn’t deserve any respect at all!