Bolivians Protest en Masse against Evo Morales’s Illegal Attempts to Remain in Power

Karina Martin reports for PanAm Post:

Bolivians Protest en Masse against Evo Morales’s Illegal Attempts to Remain in Power

On Tuesday, October 10, thousands of Bolivians took to the streets to protest against President Evo Morales’ attempt to get re-elected despite the fact that the constitution does not allow for a fourth consecutive term.

The demonstrations that took place in the country’s nine regional capitals warned President Morales that the people of Bolivia will not allow him to participate in any more elections.

“No means no,” was one of the slogans that could be heard on the streets of Bolivia, referring to the opposition’s triumph in choosing “no” during a constitutional referendum that rejected Morales’ previous attempt to run for a fourth term.

President of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, Fernando Cuéllar, opened a series of public speeches on September 24 in Santa Cruz.

“Nothing is further from a democratic government than a government that aspires to perpetually remain in power,” Cuéllar said. “When this happens, democracy becomes totalitarianism. That is why we strongly and firmly support the full exercise of human rights, and we believe that citizen mobilization is and will always be the most powerful weapon to avoid excesses and to defend our right to live in freedom, fairness, solidarity, with peace and harmony.”

The demonstration coincided with the commemoration of 35 continuous years of democracy in Bolivia, which started with the presidency of Hernán Siles Zuazo that ended 18 years of dictatorial rule.

President Morales accused those who protested in defense of democracy of wanting to recycle the dictatorships from the past. “The same people who abused democracy to recycle the dictatorship and negotiate the power of votes, and they claim to be the defenders (of democracy),” the president tweeted.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: We are now listening to evo’s acolytes who are trying to minimize this protest. They are even signaling that they may go for a similar march, in support to the egomaniac. To this regard, we have seen pictures and videos for similar governmental “gatherings,” looking at the way they call attendance and also paying money for their “presence” …

This ochlocracy needs to leave office, for good! Complete your term and go home! … be ready for the trials on corruption and ineptness you caused us!

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