Where does Bolivia stand after 192 years of independence?

To understand our nightmare, what better than these cartoons [08/01/2017] from national newspapers?

This is from El Deber, reflects how much we care of our environment … Santa Cruz city this time of the year is sad, full of smoke out of the stupid believe that lash and burning do good to agriculture …

This is from El Diario, reflects the anarchy and chaos that the masismo has been able to build over the last 15 years … there is a say that goes like this: “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.” and that is what has been going on with the egocentric coca grower caudillo and some of his acolytes.

The “red ponchos” from Achacachi, were along with the coca growers of the Chapare, the horde of government thugs that no longer comply with the desires of the ruling ochlocracy … this year the military “planned” a parade in that town and … due to unforeseen events, like the masista mayor being caught in corruption … are now unwilling to follow the charade of this government. Maybe they are negotiating more privileges to catch up with the coca growers, as they increased their legal hectares allowed … which is no more than the real objective of this lousy and petty president.


This is from La Razón, this newspaper is pretty much inclined to support the ruling government. However, this one only depicts how evo has been surrounded by corruption, misgovernment, etc.

In sum, over the last 11 years, our Bolivia has changed quite to the wrong side of the equation, this ochlocracy has managed to waste more than $160 billion dollars, destroyed our sense of unity and allowing political sicarios from Cuba, Venezuela, and drug sicarios from Colombia and Brazil to slowly take over our daily lives.

The worst government ever possible and the best economic times … all at once and a major destruction of our country identity.

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Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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