Potosi, Bolivia – in pictures

Instagram snapshots: Carolyn Stritch in Bolivia – in pictures


Bolivia’s stark beauty, grand (and less grand) buildings and local beer were an inspiration to this traveller on a South American road trip

High in Potosí

I’m from Newcastle, but I’ve been travelling since January 2015. Potosí is one of the world’s highest cities, and while trying to catch my breath, I captured this woman (known as a cholita) in traditional dress. She uses the blanket as a kind of sling bag.


Drunk on the view

The views over Potosí from the rooftop terrace of Hostal Eucalyptus were the best in town. Standing up there, it was hard to make out where the rooftops ended and the mountains began. The hotel invites you to drink the “highest beer in the world”.


Independence day

On a road trip to the Eduardo Abaroa Andean Fauna national reserve and the Salar de Uyuni, we stopped in this tiny village. Both the Bolivian and Quechua flags were out for independence day.



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