Oscar Avila Cusicanqui created the Hybrid Electric Reluctance Motor!

Gabriel Diez reports for Pagina Siete:

Oscar Avila Cusicanqui created the Hybrid Electric Reluctance Motor

The Bolivian who revolutionized engine performance

After more than 40 years of work on his project, currently a German firm evaluates his technology. He patented the device in the US and India, among other countries.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.21.46 AMAfter more than 40 years to have initial contact with the idea of the hybrid electric reluctance motor, the Bolivian Oscar Avila Cusicanqui shines abroad. At present this technology development is being tested at one of the most important manufacturers of engines in Germany.

The name may sound very technical but is a magnet system which improves engine efficiency and provides energy saving machines that use it.

“This discovery becomes absolutely new within the science of electric motors and generators, since the high efficiency also maintained at any speed, load and engine power,” said Avila in a recent interview with the magazine America Economy.

A trigger data

By his count, it was in 1969 when, after a contact with his uncle Carlos Subieta Garron, met in Washington, United States, a discovery of the magnetic field of the magnets, which would be the mainstay for the use of magnets to generate power engine.

Avila is a graduate agronomist from the University of San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca. Posteriorly -as reflected in the interview- studied Rural Civil Constructions at the University of Missouri and graduated in Management Sciences of the Control Data at the Institute for Advanced Technology in New York.

After several obstacles like “thumbs down” and working conditions sometimes adverse, perseverance overcame. On November 10, 2009 -40 years after his primigenia idea- thought, obtained a patent from the entity incharge, at the northern country. “It was the first country that gave me the patent with gold seal” recalls the specialist.

Patents worldwide

After that achievement, he managed to grab patent for his invention in Mexico, Canada and India. He states that the registration in the European Union is still pending; and that since April this year the prototype is subject to testing in a German firm engine.

“I do not want to get ahead, but according to the latest technical meeting I had with engineers and scientists, it seems that they are really interested. I could introduce them to construction details that will save them time and effort in designing a new engine that uses this technology so that it is added to their production line”, argues in the aforementioned interview.

Like any venture or set goal, Avila knew the path would not be easy. For that reason, -says the researcher- had to resort to many places, “touch” several doors, if opened, they did not open completely, and again this scientific researcher should continue on his own.

The meeting with Evo

Among “comings and goings” relates to the year in which obtained the international patent (2009) received a call from the Bolivian Foreign Ministry and of a sudden, the unexpected was possible. President Evo Morales wanted to see a demonstration of the functionality of its hybrid electric reluctance motor.

Two colleagues, who were involved in this process -the engineers Marcel Velasco and Javier Adelantado-, accompanied him to the meeting. Avila recalls that the meeting lasted only half an hour, due to the busy schedule of the president. However, because the interest of the head of state a second meeting, this time at the residence of San Jorge, exceeded two hours.

“Did you get some support in particular?” Asks America Economy “After the show, (the president) indicated us that we had his full support and cooperation; that was it, “says Avila.

It was then he realized that “for the economic resources for the industrial implementation of this technology should obtain a scientific endorsement of a world-class organization.” Without doubt was launched to achieve this.

It was so the research team he leads, contacted Equilibri Foundation of Barcelona, Spain. He got good news. “They accepted immediately and an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia was signed,” he recalls. Thus, the physical-mathematical and computer study and analysis engine was ran at its research center.

Expressions of Ávila, without leaving the technical scholarship, portray a passionate and committed to his work. “In any case, we will not rest until we find the partner that allows us to transfer the great advantages of this discovery to the industry for the benefit of society and the environment,” he concludes.

Hybrid electric reluctance motor

What is it? The hybrid electric reluctance motor is a mechanism that makes the use of electromagnets and permanent magnets, whose work and coordinated set can generate additional power in an engine.

Creation. In 1969, the Bolivian scientist Oscar Avila Cusicanqui met the control of the magnetic field of the magnets in the United States. After several decades of development, today the final version of the prototype is evaluated by a German firm specializing in building engines.

Patents. In 2009 this innovation got the patent in the United States. Posteriorly he managed those of Mexico, Canada and India. A patent is currently pending in the European Union.

Analysis. Its creation was subjected to various tests in different centers of world-class research. One of the latest test was conducted by the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.


I welcome Oscar Avila to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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