Meet the real face of the masismo in Bolivia, corruption and neglect caused the loss of 16 barges and two tugs!

El Diario reports:

Barges that cost 30 million dollars are forsaken

• Minister Reymi Ferreira concedes the loss of 16 barges and two tugs that are stranded at Chinese ports since 2010, due to the legal complexity that represent to the Bolivian state. Reports exist that hinder the project in favor of other companies.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.43.49 AMThe Defense Minister Reymi Ferreira, gave up virtually the loss of the 16 barges and two tugboats, that the Bolivian State paid almost $30 million dollars due to an alleged corruption and fraud run from the Bolivian Shipping Company (Enabol).
The barges and tugs, for the last five years, have remained in shipyards in the port of the Republic of China; due to weather conditions, they would be in extreme deterioration, so it is not even worth to investing additional resources to recover them, according to an unofficial report that has the Ministry of Defense.
On the other hand, it was known that a naval officer would have issued a report in order to hinder the project for the benefit of Argentine companies that have a monopoly on freight transport along the Paraguay-Parana waterway and another officer trained under the Argentine Navy had “committed acts of disloyalty”.

Truly disappointed of the relatively “new” defense minister. An individual who was considered as an intellectual and professional probity from Santa Cruz. How could anyone accept, condone such a great loss of public funds?

Bolivia is a poor country and here we are “accepting” to forego $30 million dollars?! … it is nothing but true sad reality, Bolivia has fallen to the hands of the ochlocracy, to the worst possible type of people as rulers of our country.

Anarchy, corruption, incompetence have been incorporated to the meaning of masismo…

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