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Why is that we ended up with more seniors working in Bolivia?

Carlos A. Muñiz reports for El Dia:

According to the ILO and HelpAge

More seniors working in Bolivia

Report. The main causes are because they can not cover contributions or are in the informal sector.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.27.57 AMA report issued in 2014 by HelpAge notes that in the last 10 years has increased the number of Bolivians of retirement age who continue to work. And in Latin America 70% of older works by various factors. In Bolivia the main reason is because they do not get enough contributions to the pension fund, or because they have dedicated their lives to informal jobs that do not allow them to access this benefit.

The same is dedicated to field work. Globally, all seniors requiring care in health issue, food and clothing, items that costs money.

They reach retirement age without sufficient contributions. Details of the study by the Center for Workforce Development Studies with support from HelpAge, announced that in the main cities, there was a rise in the participation of older people in economic activity, 38.4% in 2001 to 44% in 2010.

Older people are forced to work by different factors, the main, the difficulty of reaching retirement, in Bolivia only covers 17% of the population, and unemployment affects young people, forcing seniors to work to help their families.

The research also identified that 42.6% of older people engaged in commerce; 27.1% of personal services, public administration and social services (education and health); and 25% in manufacturing, transport and construction, stated the report.

The Government serves those without funds and insurance. Duberty Soleto, departmental director of social policy of the Government, says that, “We do not provide assistance in the area of labor rights, the Government assists with food and health programs to those who can not access due to lack of resources or because they do not have a safe retirement plan.” Soleto explains that for older adults to get this benefit, they must register their associations with legal status, the state institution for resources assigned to them. “At the moment we work with 55 associations, but applications added every year.”

The Ombudsman hears civil claims. Hernan Cabrera, representing the Ombudsman in the department of Santa Cruz, states: “We do not work directly on their labor rights because it is understood that they are already retired, but we help them attending their complaints on the plundering of their property and the issue of health, which are the two main problems experienced by older adults.”