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Ways to detect counterfeits in Bolivia

Zulma Camacho reports for Opinion:

There are at least three ways to counterfeit notes for which there are ways to identify and avoid falling into the trap.

Ten ways to detect counterfeits in Bolivia

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.20.36 AMAlfredo Saavedra, course facilitator on detection of counterfeits, offers 10 tips to avoid falling into the trap of counterfeiters. But you should also know the ways of forgery.

The first is the chemical wash that criminals made on older or lower denomination bills until they were completely white, then print with one of greater value.

In this case the first two detection methods are applied, looking at first glance the poor quality of printing, in which small letters are not read, and wetting the note, with water or saliva. With this action the ink will fade away.

The third way is applied to teared-up banknotes, the bill is divided into two. “They take advantage of people only check the front of the ticket and the other side stick a wood pulp paper,” Saavedra appointment to explain that you should always feel both sides of bill for the embossed.

In addition, carefully the watermark which carries the image of a historical character should be verified so that is clear and visible.

For this and the first form of forged, you will notice that the phosphorescent fibrils will not be present.

In the new notes should be rubbed in the opposite direction to the headband, if it not be authentic it will come off.

The “added Bill” is the third way to fake, mainly in dollars, taking advantage of one color is on all denominations. In this technique, criminals scraping the image next to the number to add, generally zero and increase the value; ie place a zero on a $5 bill to look like a 50.

“Usually people do this trap field who can not read or write,” cites Saavedra.

To recognize this fraud, just needs to feel to touch the corners of the note are thinner than the rest of the paper.

As a final security measure, is to resort to other ferromagnetic detectors ink to pass through the original bank note and an audible alarm will trigger.