Bolivia democracy in serious peril under current ruling: Chuquisaca’s vote tampering

Bolivian democracy is in peril. April 17, 2015, El Diario reports and La Razon illustrates what is happening under the masismo ochlocracy:

TSE discarded 9,070 votes of Chuquisaca

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.48.36 AMMembers of the Plurinational Electoral Body decided to ratify the triumph of the Movement Toward Socialism, endorsing the questioned decision made by TED Chuquisaca. Analysts say that the determination is an outrage to the citizen voting. There will be no second round in that department.

Despite the Cabildo and demonstrations determinations, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) dismissed the appeal filed by the citizen group Chuquisaca Somos Todos [We are all Chuquisaca] (CST), of the candidate for Chuquisaca Governor, Damian Condori, after admitting the mistakes made by three members of the Court Departmental Electoral (TED) in that region.

Six members of the Electoral Chamber Full Body, declared inadmissible the appeal filed by the delegates of the CST, Sergio Conde Brito and Adolfo Benjamin Martínez, arguing that this [appeal] came late.

Also, the president Vilma Velasco said the TSE received the appeal on April 14, a day after the computation has been closed. Therefore, the Court applies the principle of estoppel and will not review the results of the minutes of computation of Chuquisaca.

The TSE ratified the decision of the Departmental Electoral Tribunal (SDT) of Chuquisaca, through which, 9.070 citizens votes are excluded from the computation, votes that were cast for the Revolutionary Left Front (FRI), however, for the analyst Jorge Lazarte, the determination is an outrage to the citizen votes; meanwhile, to Germán Yucra of the CST, this decision constitutes an attack on democracy.

It is not the first action against democracy, fraud has spread ever since the masismo pushed to hold an illegitimate re-re-election of current president. It was also an outrage that the at very last time prior to the election for Beni Governor, Ernesto Suarez and over 200 candidates were banned from that election. Tarija is also under the same scrutiny, and the list goes on and on.

Like the other members of the infamous Sao Paulo Forum, Bolivia endures corruption at all levels by the hand of the coca grower and his acolytes.

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