A Santa Cruz woman [cruceña] shines with her sweet voice next to the Pope

Cecilia Dorado reports in El Deber:

A Santa Cruz woman [cruceña] shines with her sweet voice next to the Pope

She is warneña [born in Warnes, Santa Cruz] and lives in Rome, where she studied and worked in Vatican Radio. More than once participated in celebrations with the Pope. “I feel nervous,” she confesses.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.31.06 AMBorn in Warnes, north of Santa Cruz, and for some years her life changed. Luz Ericka Limachi Mejia is now a “Vatican” journalist, as she is there to make the coverage in the Holy See in Rome. She declares to be a practicing Catholic girl, whose experience in secular media comes from a very active life in the Santa Cruz Church.

For more than once shared experiences with Pope Francisco, offering her voice as a tool for evangelism.

“My first experience outside of Bolivia was in 2000 for the Jubilee and the World Youth Day in Rome, Italy, there I fell in love with this timeless city and who would say that later I’d be here studying,” she says.

In Santa Cruz de la Sierra studied at Diakonia [is the journalism faculty at the Catholic University] and then, thanks to a grant from the Oblates of St. Joseph, came to Rome where now she is studying a specialty in Social Communication at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

One of her main drivers was Cardinal Julio Terrazas. For some time, Ericka also works on Vatican Radio.

“The excitement is great to be in the cradle of Catholicism. On the radio we have a global outlook with 49 languages ​​and 12 alphabets. All that changed my life, “says the young daughter of Francisco Limachi and Arcelia Mejía.

A unique experience

Two years ago she had her first meeting with Pope Francis. “My boss (on the radio) called me and told me if I could read at Mass with the Pope, I immediately said yes, I was already nervous. The day came, was on March 30, 2013, the trial was done in the morning and in the evening there was the celebration of the Easter Vigil. My body was shaking, I prayed and asked for God’s help and said “away with the fear”. In the end, everything went well,” says Ericka.

A second chance was during the World Youth Day in Rio 2013, in Brazil, where she lent her voice to reach Spanish-speaking listeners from Vatican Radio. On September 12 of that year, in the chapel of the house of Santa Marta, where Pope Francis celebrates Mass every day at 7:00, along with a small group of people, there was Ericka too. “Many of us went to assist.”

At the end a line is formed (to greet the Pope) and while this was shortened, my body was shaking me. I reverence the Pope and shook his hand, spoke in Spanish and told him where I came from and that many committed Catholics friends send greetings, besides my parents Francisco and Arcelia, and my brothers. There were five minutes that seemed eternal” she says.

In 2014 and 2015, also had the opportunity to be in two public consistories, where she read for the Pope and Cardinals from around the world.

Easter week

Good Friday just happened, Ericka also had the luck to be in the celebration of the Passion of Jesus Christ for the second lecture in Spanish. “Although it may not seem, I just feel those nerves like in the first time, but always with the trust in God, I read with confidence, offering my voice so that people hear the word of the Lord. Not me, it is He who speaks” says humbly.

The young warneña is proud of her achievements and confesses to being “aware that my parents do not have economic power, but they have given me the tools to cope with life and that is priceless.”


We are very proud of her and welcome to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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