Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review for Bolivia

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Human Rights Council adopts outcomes of Universal Periodic Review of Bolivia, Fiji, and San Marino

The Human Rights Council met on March 18, 2015. And as it was expected, the Bolivian government managed to receive praises, even on indigenous affairs, forgetting the brutal police aggression on the TIPNIS people at Chaparina, and the ongoing repression on the journalists and freedom of expression…

So, I thought it would be better to just mention this event happened and go ahead with a report made by El Dia:

A test on Human Rights

Bolivia does not support 15 UN suggestions

Rejection. The country speaking of outdated [issues].

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.30.54 PMBolivia [central government] did not support on Wednesday 15, the recommendations that were made by various countries in the UN, among others, to eradicate child labor, and that “the minimum age for admission to employment” is 14 years during the approval of its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the UN.

The UPR is a revised set of human rights that all UN Member States must submit every four years and a half.

Did not support protection of human rights nor to journalists. Bolivia considered that these recommendations” are outdated and do not reflect the current situation in the country.”

In addition, Bolivia [central gov] did not support “ensure the protection of human rights defenders and journalists and investigate (…) attacks directed against them.”

Bolivia [gov] also not supported “change the legal norms that deny or limit the rights of individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

States should “support or take note” of the recommendations. The “note” is equivalent to “no support”, ie reject, according to the doctrine of the UN.

As in 2014. On the report of the Working Group on the UPR, Bolivia declined recommendations that countries like Croatia, which suggested “pay more attention to the problems related to the independence of the judicial process.” Israel asked Bolivia “revoke or amend laws that deny or limit the rights of individuals.

So, it appears that issues are highlighted and governments do as they please and the UN does nothing to enforce compliance on those observations… as they cannot go against the governments that give support and finance those UN officials…

Bolivia has over 700 Bolivians that fled the country due to political persecution since this government took office. There is no impartial justice and anarchy grew all over the country. “Community justice” as it was heavily promoted by the ruling ochlocracy, has taken the life of dozens of Bolivians, who were brutally lynched to death… and issues go on… this government, the masismo, is plainly incompetent and cocky to change anything.

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