Bolivian wine among the 200 best in the world

El Deber reports:

Bolivian wine among the 200 best in the world

The ‘Trivarietal Reserva’ from Campos de Solana brand received the International Wine of the Year title. The award is given for the first time in history to a Bolivian broth.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.56.28 AMThe Trivarietal Reserve from the Tarija winery Campos de Solana was included among the 200 best wines in the world by the World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wines and Spirits, Wines Ranking in the Year 2014 (WRW & S).

For the 2014 ranking, winners of 75 international wine competitions, which involved at least five countries and more than 650,000 wines from around the world were evaluated and were selected.

“The award that received Trivarietal, shows that Bolivian products can compete with the best in viticulture worldwide,” said Luis Pablo Granier, General Manager of Campos de Solana to Jornada newspaper.

Argentina is the country that won the most awards, with 18 wines of the year; followed by Chile with 8 awards, Brazil 4 and Bolivia and Uruguay with one each.

This is the first time a Bolivian wine achieved this recognition, managing to position the Trivarietal alongside the best in the world.

Wine, ideal accompaniment to Bolivian cuisine

The Reserve Trivarietal from Campos de Solana won four medals, among which a gold medal in Terravino and double gold medal Vinus, achieved in Mendoza (Argentina).

This wine combines the structure and juiciness of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Tannat. Aged in French oak barrels and cultivation nearly two thousand meters above sea level, give it an elegant aroma, rich in nuances and flavor full-bodied, with soft tannins and nice acidity.

Great news for Bolivia! I welcome Campos de Solana to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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