Gian Carla Tisera: A Bolivian soprano in New York

El Dia reports:

Gian Carla Tisera: A Bolivian soprano in New York

Talent. In November arrives for a concert.

Gian Carla Tisera is a Bolivian soprano who lives in New York, there she managed to leave the name of Bolivia up and succeed in music.

2014-08-28 08.58.20 am

The result of her efforts, she has launched in the north country, her first CD which is called “Nora’s beautiful.” In this material, Gian Carla sings songs in English, Spanish, Italian and Quechua with a fascinating co Cuban virtuoso jazz pianist and latin-jazz Elio Villafranca. “I’m in the best moment of my career so far. Launching my album was a total success,” said the artist.

Her talent will arrive in the country. One of her dreams is to play in the country, and that is why she is managing a tour of Bolivia, and it is estimated between November and December this year, with performances in Santa Cruz, Tarija and La Paz.

Everything was an effort. The singer began as a child in the art world, now with a career at the top, that was very difficult to make a space. “It is a dramatically dynamic and difficult life, you must have a lot of emotional and mental strength,” confessed Tisera. She also said that being famous has given joy to meet great musicians who respect and admire for all they have accomplished.

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