Do Bolivian entrepreneirs use the web as in many other countries?

Gabriel Diez reports for Pagina Siete, excerpts follow:


Nine virtual business stand out in the Bolivian web

The enterprises focus to the areas of real estate, service guides, specialized information and electronic commerce without “intermediaries”.

2014-08-08 10.52.41 am born 2009 as a university project and today, five years later, is one of nine sites that stand around internet business in Bolivia. Its scope is real estate. On this site you can find pictures, prices and contact advertisers houses and apartments.

“Once a customer called us saying he had sold his house at a much higher price than he thought and that the purchase had been made by someone from Spain,” says Henry Veizaga, manager of this virtual initiative.

Apart from this there are eight other ventures that stand in the Bolivian web, according to a review that made this medium site data (statistics on internet) and by consulting with experts in the subject. The enterprises are,,,,,,, and Chinatown La Paz Bolivia, which runs through a group Facebook.

Wilfredo Jordán, digital journalist, explains that the scope of services was always part of business, and that what happens now is that entrepreneurs “found on the Internet one of the best niches for their development.” Hugo Miranda, a specialist in internet believes that much of the “success” that reached these sites is due to the curiosity of people.

Kudos to all the companies shown/mentioned in the article! There is plenty of room for many more!!!!

Regardless of whereas we are land-locked, road blockades, violence, corruption, Bolivian entrepreneurs must think and realize that there is a whole world out there, over 7.2 billion of potential customers.

If you are a writer, composer, musician, sell your production/creation over outlets like iTunes, or Amazon, that is the best way to sell abroad and keep piracy down. You may want to sell, print/burn your book/songs and only think on the national market… wrong! Look elsewhere!

Try to make business with important markets, large ones like Sao Paulo, Lima or Buenos Aires… go, adjust, innovate and then shoot for the world! And if you only do “website/virtual” business, the better!

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